United Way of Lake County is excited to bring you a range of meaningful virtual and remote volunteer opportunities. Please select from the volunteer projects below to take the next step towards strengthening our Lake County community. We encourage you to document your volunteerism through photos, and post on social media tagging us at @UnitedWayLakeCo and using #LIVEUNITED. We look forward to seeing your wonderful impact! Filling out this survey will help us keep track of any incoming donations and allow us to check in with you in case of any changes or additional information. Thank you for your support!

 Homebound seniors and veterans are isolated and cut off from their family and friends. Please consider writing letters or making cards to send to a senior living center or a veteran center of your choice.
 In preparation for our Holiday Wish List program, we will be collecting holiday wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, and bows to share with our community organizations to create beautifully wrapped gifts to share with their Home Visiting families at holiday time.
 United Way of Lake County?s Better Together Program is seeking items to assist new mothers. Please help fill this critical need by collecting items such as baby shampoo and wash, onesies, baby socks, baby bottles, baby wipes, washcloths, and diapers.
 Health and Hygiene items are a high need year-round for many individuals across Lake County, especially with the current decrease in income security. You can collect and pack the following items in kits: soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and washcloths. Items can be packed in a clear Ziploc bag, string bag, or a large clear water bottle, to which you can add a note of encouragement
 Please help us ensure that our children have the essential tools to complete their assignments from home. You can help us collect wide ruled composition books, wide ruled notebooks, #2 pencils, sharpeners, Crayola crayons, Crayola markers. erasers, folders, dry erase markers, and blunt tip scissors.
 Gather up your card stock, markers, stickers, and any other fun crafting items and write some words of encouragement with some decorations on a bookmark for kids to come back to when they save their place in a book.
 Everyone loves to color! Coloring is a fun and expressive way for kids and families to stay busy and connected while practicing social distancing. Help collect coloring books, colored paper, crayons, markers, even watercolor paints to provide a creative outlet for our community children. Please collect items to create 4 kits. Put your items in a gift bag or a decorated paper bag.
 Food insecurity is a critical issue that many of our Lake County families face. Help feed those families by filling 2 or more paper grocery bags with non-perishable items.
 Help a family celebrate their child?s special day by creating a birthday box. Each box should contain a box a cake mix, a tub a frosting, sprinkles, birthday candles, a disposable cake pan, and a book packaged together in a bag or small box.
 Support Lake County youth with donations of calculators for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students. Donations will be cleaned and distributed to schools so students can have access to these much needed items. We are seeking basic function calculators, scientific calculators such as TI-30XIIS, and graphing calculators such as TI-84.

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